Chromatics Are Releasing A New Album Called ‘Closer To Grey’ Very Soon

The wait for a new Chromatics album has been a tremendously long one. The group released Kill For Love in 2012, and since then, fans have been wondering when its follow-up would arrive. In December 2014, the group announced a new record called Dear Tommy, but that has yet to be released. In 2017, Johnny Jewel’s manager Alexis Rivera wrote, “As for Dear Tommy, now that we are getting closer to the release of the album, Johnny wanted the music from it to come down. ‘Dear Tommy’ has the same titles, same lyrics, same track order, as when it was announced Dec of 2014. Nothing’s changed except it’s better.”

The bad news is that it’s unclear if Dear Tommy is ever actually coming. The good news is that a new Chromatics record is on its way, and it’ll be here very soon: The band is set to release Closer To Grey tomorrow (October 2). At the moment, not much is known about the record, so it’s uncertain if this is a new version of Dear Tommy or a different project entirely.

Regardless, find the Closer To Grey tracklist below.

Italians Do It Better

1. “The Sound Of Silence”
2. “You’re No Good”
3. “Closer To Grey”
4. “Twist The Knife”
5. “Light As A Feather”
6. “Move A Mountain”
7. “Touch Red”
8. “Through The Looking Glass”
9. “Whispers In The Hall”
10. “On The Wall”
11. “Love Theme From Closer To Grey”
12. “Wishing Well”

Closer To Grey is out 10/2 via Italians Do It Better.