Chvrches Share A Pitch-Perfect Cover Of Avril Lavigne’s ‘I’m With You’

Chvrches have shared a cover of Avril Lavigne‘s 2002 pop-punk power ballad “I’m With You” as part of their Apple Music Home Session recordings, which also came with a new version of “California” from their latest album, Screen Violence. Singer Lauren Mayberry called “I’m With You” a “classic banger-ballad of our times,” in a statement. Check it out below.

Speaking to Apple Music about creating Screen Violence, Mayberry added, “It helped put a lot of things into perspective. The band is normally an amazing but quite chaotic part of our lives. Working on Screen Violence became a really comforting and grounding thing to do because the band was one of the only things that provided us with some sense of normalcy.”

She added: “‘California’ feels like a good illustration of what Screen Violence is about, sonically and lyrically, and we thought it would be fun to reinterpret it in an acoustic format.”

Likewise, the Scottish synth-pop trio recently spoke to Uproxx about making Screen Violence. Mayberry revealed:

“It’s not about horror movies, but it was more like we can build a backdrop and a landscape that you can tell personal stories through. Once we’ve written a few songs and I had a few things under our belt and especially with the aesthetics and the visuals, it was more about the role of women in those stories and the role of women in horror. How can you take those tropes and ideas and use those to tell your stories? And what about being a woman feels horrific? What about it feels violent? How do you live in and around that violence, how can you live through it? What do you do with it when you live in this space? I think that’s been really fun to play with, especially like with the imagery on the record and the imagery in terms of the album artwork and the videos and the visuals. How can you take that genre and bend it to tell your stories?”

Chvrches’ Screen Violence is out now via Glassnote. Stream it here.