Chvrches Consider Gendered Double Standards On The Glittering New Single ‘Good Girls’

Chvrches have unveiled a new single, “Good Girls.” It’s the latest preview of their highly anticipated fourth LP, Screen Violence, and follows earlier single “How Not To Drown” featuring The Cure’s Robert Smith.

A glistening, reverb-heavy track containing feminist themes, “Good Girls” appears to echo the lyrics from Frankie Valli’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” with lead singer Lauren Mayberry singing, “Good girls don’t cry / And good girls don’t lie / And good girls justify but I don’t / Good girls don’t die / And good girls stay alive / And good girls satisfy but I won’t.”

Opening up about the single, Mayberry said in a release:

“The opening line (‘killing your idols is a chore’) was something I wrote after listening to some friends arguing about the present day implications of loving certain problematic male artists — I was struck by the lengths that people would go to in order to excuse their heroes and how that was so juxtaposed to my own experiences in the world. Women have to constantly justify their right to exist and negotiate for their own space. We’re told that Bad Things don’t happen to Good Girls. That if you curate yourself to fit the ideal — keep yourself small and safe and acceptable — you will be alright, and it’s just not f*cking true.”

Check out “Good Girls” above.

Screen Violence is out 8/27 via Glassnote Records. Pre-order it here.