Clairo Heralds Her Newly-Formed Band Shelly With Two Laid-Back Singles

It’s been over a year since Clairo shared her Rostam-produced debut album Immunity, and fans have been anxious for its follow-up ever since. While Clairo has appeased her listeners with a handful of lo-fi demos, including a cover of The Strokes’ “I’ll Try Anything Once,” it looks like the singer has briefly pivoted from her solo project. Instead, Clairo announced the newly-formed band Shelly with the two breezy singles “Steeeam” and “Natural.”

The new group consists of Clairo, Claud, who recently shared a single off Phoebe Bridgers’ newly-minted label Saddest Factory, along with their good friends Josh Mehling and Noa Frances Getzug. Announcing the new project on social media, Clairo explained how the group came together. “My best friends and i made a band and put out an A/B side- ‘Steeeam’ and ‘Natural,'” she wrote. “We created everything during quarantine in LA, Chicago, Houston and Atlanta.”

In other Clairo news, the new group’s single arrives just over a week after the singer had a song make it into the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the first time. Clairo’s song “Sofia” landed in No. 98 on the chart dated October 24. While the song was released in 2019, it has recently seen an uptick in radio plays in the last few weeks. Clairo was ecstatic after hearing the news and thanked her loyal fans for their continued support.

Listen to Shelly’s “Steeeam” and “Natural” above.