Clairo Made A Video Diary Of Her Tour With Tame Impala Before It Was Postponed

Last last year, Tame Impala announced a run of tour dates with Clairo as his opening act. Naturally, Clairo was excited for the opportunity, but unfortunately, most of the shows did not go on as planned due to the coronavirus pandemic. Still, Clairo did manage to get a few of those opening performances under her belt, and she documented that process in a new tour diary video.

The lo-fi clip (which, fair warning, has overly loud audio at some points) shows behind-the-scenes footage of what it’s like to get ready for and be on a tour. There’s footage of Kevin Parker playing guitar in a bedroom and then later performing on stage, as well as clips of Clairo getting ready backstage, watching Tame Impala perform, and of course, of her performance. She says in one off-stage clip, “We’re out here supporting Tame Impala for a week, and we’re so excited, and I’m going to cry, and that’s it.”

In the video description, Clairo shared links to charities and wrote, This is all of the footage we got before our tour was postponed due to COVID-19. we’ll be rescheduling soon, and hopefully we can do a part two. :-) In the mean time, donate!”

Watch the video above.