Clairo Says She Won’t Tour At All Unless There’s Added Security At Her Shows

Clairo, who just released her sophomore album Sling last week, has said that she doesn’t plan to play any live shows unless there’s added security in place for her fans.

Speaking to NME, Clairo (real name Claire Cottrill) said she wanted to look out for fans’ safety around assault, harassment, and other such uncomfortable situations at her shows. Overall, she wants to create a safer environment, saying, “We’re talking to some companies right now. We’ve made extra room on our tour bus for at least two more members of security.”

She expanded on that point, saying, “I’m lucky that [misconduct] never happened to me, but experiencing some of that in my adult life, I can’t believe how brave I was to go to shows by myself and be so carefree. If I can’t provide this [security] on tour, then I won’t tour – that’s my mentality at the moment. […] I really do feel in my heart of hearts that there’s going to be a wave of tours that are really stamped as the ‘safe tour’ and provide all this. Touring is one of the only things that hasn’t changed much. Granted, a lot of things need to change in the industry, but this is definitely one of them.”

Slingis out now via Fader Label/Republic Records. Get it here.