Courtney Barnett Strips Down Her Ballads In The ‘MTV Australia Unplugged Live In Melbourne’ Album

Australian singer/songwriter Courtney Barnett joined the likes of Nirvana and Vampire Weekend with an MTV Unplugged live album. Performing in front of a live audience, Barnett strips down several of her most iconic tracks like “Avant Gardener” and “Depreston” in intimate recordings.

Barnett said in a statement that she was grateful to play to a hometown crowd. “I love playing to Melbourne crowds…I wanted to have a mixture of old songs, new songs and covers, and tracks that we don’t perform all the time – it’s been interesting to see the songs through a different filter, and it brings out this other emotional side to the music and the lyrics,” she said.

Barnett continued that Unplugged has a special place in her heart, “‘Unplugged’ is so nostalgic for me. We had two ‘Unplugged’ records in our CD collection growing up and I know those records inside out because we listened to them every day.”

Check out Courtney Barnett’s MTV Australia Unplugged Live In Melbourne tracklist below.

1. Depreston
2. Sunday Roast
3. Charcoal Lane (featuring Paul Kelly) – written by Archie Roach
4. Avant Gardener
5. Nameless, Faceless (featuring Evelyn Ida Morris)
6. Untitled (Play It On Repeat)
7. Not Only I (featuring Marlon Williams) – written by Seeker Lover Keeper
8. So Long, Marianne – written by Leonard Cohen

Along with releasing the Unplugged album, Barnett will embark on her first-ever solo North American tour.

Check out her Tell Me How You Really Feel solo North American tour dates here.

Courtney Barnett’s MTV Australia Unplugged Live In Melbourne is out now via Milk! Records/Mom+Pop. Get it here.