Courtney Love Gives Away Some Of Her At-Home COVID-19 Tests Usually Reserved For The Wealthy

For most people, getting a coronavirus test entails heading out to a testing center and getting the thing shoved up your nose over there. There are at-home tests available, but they aren’t so easily accessible. Courtney Love has shared a post critical of this system, revealing in the process that she sometimes gives away at-home tests that she fortunately has access to.

Sharing a photo of a COVID-19 test, Love wrote about how these tests should be more widely available:

“I’m posting my Covid ( and antibody both. ) test because I’ve never been great at this 1 percenter sh*t. I love myself some fine living , but in the end I bleed liberal, I wish I didn’t sometimes, maybe it’s not liberal, maybe it’s humanist… I have and many of my wealthy friends have had access to Covid test kits, for over 6 months. Every time I give people without the same money or access as me a box of 20 I get furious that these are not available at every Tesco and at every 7/11 in both of my countries ( and globally too ) for 5 bucks or even 20. With this new strain of Covid-19, 70 percent more ‘catchy’ than the last, we all need this testing capacity more than ever. ALL OF US. ALL OF US!!! If testing ( the above tests for antibodies too. ) especially the newer tests ( roche ) that can detect covid antigen in you within 15 minutes, were made available and cheap, people would still make tons of money and ? This sh*t would be curbed. Billions and maybe trillions in world economy could be saved. So … maybe I’ll get tossed out of the ‘club’ for posting this . But I’ve never been all that comfortable with my own elitism, especially in the area of public health. You ALL DESERVE TO HAVE A BOX OF TESTS IN YOUR FRIDGE! I keep asking why the f*ck you dont ?
That’s all I have to say on it now.
I feel less dirty and my conscience more clear to post this. Though I’m scared to as well. Love .x c.”

Check out Love’s post below.