Crumb Explores Color Theory In A Sinister Video To Their Hypnotic ‘BNR’ Single

Last month, indie psych rockers Crumb ushered in a new era of music with their surreal track “Trophy.” It was the first offering of new music from the independent band since their debut album Jinx, which came out in 2019 to positive reception. Though Crumb have yet to shed light on details surrounding their sophomore release, the group previewed their upcoming project’s sound with two new singles, “BNR” and “Balloon.”

Crumb’s “BNR” track arrived alongside a sinister visual. It opens with a black-and-white shot of Crumb singer Lila Ramani walking through the streets. She eventually discovers the color red, and her world shift from monochrome to a muted array of colors. True to the band’s aesthetic, the visual also features a handful of surreal moments, like when Ramani bites into a crisp green apple only to discover that it has a rotten core.

Briefly describing her inspiration behind both of the new songs, Ramani said:

“’BNR’ is an ode to my favorite colors [black and red]. I had a weird obsession with those colors in winter 2018-2019 and felt like they would follow me around everywhere I went. ‘Balloon’ tells the story of a girl that dances so fast in the club that her head falls off.”

Watch Crumb’s “BPR” video and listen to their track “Balloon” above.