Dave Grohl Will Be Writing Short Stories To Pass The Time During Self-Isolation

The coronavirus has affected a number of artists and musicians but refusing to be phased, they have all found their own ways to stay active in their respective fields. However, with the added free time on his hands, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has decided to take advantage of the opportunity the virus has presented itself to try a new hobby: writing short stories.

In a post to Instagram, Grohl announced that he would begin writing short stories to pass time during the coronavirus. In his message, Grohl said, “Hi my name is Dave. Sometimes I play drums. Sometimes I play guitar. Sometimes I tell stories. I’m currently looking for work, so I’d thought I’d pass the time by writing short stories that will make people smile.”

Continuing, Grohl explained that despite rebelling against their occupations, the inspiration to write short stories came from his parents.”My mother was a brilliant English teacher, my father, a wicked speechwriter. So I didn’t to rebel by not paying attention to grammar and/or punctuation in school.” Concluding his message, Grohl told fans that he looks forward to “sharing some of the more ridiculous moments of my life” and reminded fans to “wash your f*cking hands.”

Grohl’s announcement just after the Foo Fighters revealed that they would postpone their 25th-anniversary “van tour.” The tour was set to revisit the places where they performed on their first tour as a band.

Check out the Instagram post above to see Grohl’s announcment.