Dave Grohl’s Daughter Violet Joined Legendary Punk Band X To Perform ‘Nausea’

Dave Grohl is a fan of bringing up the younger generation right along with him, and for the Foo Fighters frontman, that includes his own daughter as well. Aside from constantly putting a spotlight on 10-year-old percussion genius Nandi Bushell, Grohl recently collaborated with his daughter, Violet, when she sang backup vocals on Foo’s latest album, Medicine At Midnight. After that, the father/daughter duo worked on a cover together of the legendary LA punk band X’s song “Violet,” off their 1980 debut, Los Angeles.

After performing the cover together on Jimmy Kimmel Live! with a whole host of other musicians that included members of Slayer and Nirvana – definitely a supergroup of sorts — Violet has now added another live performance of the song to her growing repertoire. X themselves asked her to come perform it with them during a recent live show at the Greek Theater, bringing her involvement in the tune full circle to say the least.

Though X was very active in earlier decades, the band has been on hiatus for quite some time, and only recently got a new album officially out in the world. Alphabetland picks up where the band left off thirty years ago and offers an exciting new chapter for some California rock icons. Check out their performance with Violet up above, and if you want to read more about the story behind Alphabetland check out their interview with Spin right here.