Dave Grohl And Greg Kurstin Went Full Punk For Their Second 2021 ‘Hanukkah Sessions’ Cover

Due to lockdowns last year, lots of musicians got creative with ways to entertain at-home fans (and themselves) since they couldn’t go perform or tour. One such way was Dave Grohl and Greg Kurstin combining forces for the “Hanukkah Session,” where they covered other songs from Jewish artists to celebrate the eight days of the Jewish holiday. Well, though 2021 is a little more open than 2020, looks like the pair are back it again.

Yesterday, they released a hilarious cover of Lisa Loeb’s iconic “Stay,” which alternated between shots of Grohl in a dress doing a full Loeb impression and a metal/hardcore take on the song. Surprisingly, the hardcore version of “Stay” really worked! Today, however, they’ve switched gears and are covering another iconic band, The Ramones. Doing one of the band’s best-known songs, the short but sweet “Blitzkrieg Bop,” Grohl and Kurstin offered up a faithful rendition with Grohl on drums and vocals, and Kurstin holding it down on both guitar and keyboard.

“Once upon a time, two nice Jewish boys from Queens named Jeffery Hyman and Thomas Erdelyi changed the world forever with their music….. as Joey and Tommy Ramone!” they captioned the straightforward cover on their Youtube page. Check it out above, and keep in mind six more covers will be heading your way before the end of Hanukkah.