Dave Grohl, His Mother, And Jill Biden Talk Education In A New Campaign Video

Foo Fighters leader Dave Grohl cares deeply about schools and the educational system, party because his mother, Virginia Grohl, was a teacher. He has discussed education on multiple occasions and now he has done so again, this time with his mother and Jill Biden for a new Joe Biden campaign video.

Foo Fighters shared a four-minute clip of a video call between the three. Grohl begins the video, “I was raised by a school teacher, so I knew as a child how hard my mother worked, not just at the school, but within the community.” Biden responded, “The teachers are the rockstars,” to which Grohl replied, “I have always felt that way!”

Grohl’s mother also explained the issues she faced as a teacher, saying, “Nobody has listened for a long time. I mean, teacher salaries is one thing. I taught in northern Virginia, and [as] a single parent raising kids, I couldn’t afford to live there on my pay. So, I had to work two or three jobs all the time.”

Grohl responded with some praise for his mom and her drive, saying, “Every morning, I would wake up in our little house in Springfield, Virginia, and my mother was already ready to get us in the car and get us to school, knowing that she had a full day ahead of her with hundreds of children that relied on her to help them move forward in life. And every night after dinner, I would watch my mother at the desk in the living room working on the plan for the next day. And so I watched my mother make plans to help other people my entire life. I started looking back on that and thinking, ‘Well, who’s making the plan for the teachers?'”

Watch the video above.