Dave Grohl, Elmo, And Big Bird Perform A Rocking Song About Making Friends On ‘Sesame Street’

Many musicians have visited Elmo, Big Bird, and the rest of the Sesame Street crew on the show, and the latest of them is Foo Fighters leader Dave Grohl.

Grohl’s appearance begins with him chatting with Elmo and Big Bird, and he says, “It’s nice to come here and be with my friends Big Bird and Elmo. You know, I was just thinking: There are friends everywhere, even ones that you don’t know.” That was a concept that Big Bird had a hard time grasping, so when pressed for an explanation, Grohl elaborated, “I just mean there’s lots of people across America we could be friends with, we just haven’t met them yet.”

From there, the excited trio launches into a song called “Here We Go Song,” in which they travel the continent in search of new buddies. In the Foo-Fighters-lite tune, the three sing about all the new people and things they can experience in their cross-country travels. The video ends with an iconic shot of the trio walking away from the camera and holding hands, with Elmo hanging in the air between Grohl and Big Bird, since they are are both substantially taller than Elmo is.

Watch Grohl join Big Bird and Elmo to perform “Here We Go Song” above.