Dave Grohl Picks The Three Albums He Thinks All Kids Should Listen To

For a lot of music obsessives, in the beginning, there was one song or one album that sparked their interest in the medium in a major way. Everybody has to start somewhere, and Foo Fighters leader Dave Grohl has given kids a strong launch pad by naming three albums he thinks children should listen to.

During a recent chat with BBC Breakfast, Grohl was asked to choose three albums that he thinks all kids should listen to as a way to learn about music. He responded with classic releases from The Beatles, ACDC, and the Bee Gees:

“Well, you’re going to want to get The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s [Lonely Hearts Club Band]. One reason is because that album still connects the way it did the day it came out. Now if you want to be a drummer, you’re going to want to get the ACDC album Back In Black. That is rock and roll drumming 101. A third album… I like myself a little party every now and then. I do like to dance. I mean, come on, let’s just go with Saturday Night Fever. If you put Saturday Night Fever on, it’s going to feel like Saturday night, but it could be a Monday morning. So, I would have to go with those three albums. It’s a good way to start.”

Elsewhere during the chat, he was asked how homeschooling is going, and he said that he may not be the best academic role model: “My kids know who I am, OK? I’ve read my report cards to my kids before, so they’re not necessarily going to come to me for anything academic. They just don’t. I could be a cheerleader, I could make you a great breakfast, and I could make you smile before you start your day, but you don’t necessarily want me in your history lessons. You don’t necessarily want me helping you with trigonometry.”

Watch the interview clip above.

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