A Long-Lost David Bowie Painting That Was Thrifted For $4 Is Now Selling For Over $40,000

David Bowie continues to be one of the most influential and significant figures in modern music, even after his tragic and unexpected death in 2016. But perhaps his impact on the visual art world still remains to be seen. According to a report by NPR, a long-lost painting by the legendary musician is now up for auction with the highest bid coming in at a whopping $40,000, and there’s still a week left in the auction.

The original price was closer to $4, when an anonymous seller apparently bought the painting at a donation center in Canada, only noting the infamous signature on the back after buying it. Quite a return on investment for that sharp-eyed collector! Dubbed “DHead XLVI,” the abstract piece is part of a series of paintings that Bowie made in the ’90s between 1995 and 1997. According to the Canadian auction house, Cowley Abbott, the series of 47 paintings was titled Dead Heads (D Heads) and each work was titled non sequentially with Roman numerals. “His paintings possess the stylistic influences of the German expressionists, Francis Bacon and the London School of painters,” the arthouse noted. Check out the painting below, and if you’re in the range, place a bid on the piece here.

Cowley Abbott