Death Cab For Cutie Is Releasing A Live Album They Recorded Just Before The Pandemic Shut Concerts Down

At the start of 2020, things seemed to be going alright. Artists were putting on concerts and fans were attending them, with neither party needing to be concerned about the arrangement. That changed, of course, a few months into the year when the coronavirus pandemic became a serious global issue. Now, for most people, a show they caught in February or early March is the most recent concert they’ve been to. Death Cab For Cutie had a string of shows at Seattle’s iconic The Showbox from February 24 to 26, which they recorded and are now releasing as a live album, Live At The Showbox.

The 17-track album will initially be available as a one-day only release on Bandcamp on May 7 before getting a wider release at some point later this year. The band shared a statement about the album, saying:

“Like so many other artists, we expected to play a lot of shows in 2020. To gear up for the year ahead, we decided to warm up by playing an intimate, three-night stand at a venue that’s near and dear to our hearts — the Showbox in Seattle. Well, 2020 didn’t quite turn out as we had planned — but happily those three magical nights last February did, and we’re glad to say that we had them recorded.”

Check out the Live At The Showbox cover art and tracklist below.

1. “A Movie Script Ending”
2. “The New Year”
3. “The Ghosts Of Beverly Drive”
4. “Long Division”
5. “Gold Rush”
6. “Company Calls”
7. “Summer Skin”
8. “I Will Follow You Into The Dark”
9. “I Will Possess Your Heart”
10. “Black Sun”
11. “Northern Lights”
12. “Cath…”
13. “We Looked Like Giants”
14. “Soul Meets Body”
15. “60 & Punk”
16. “Tiny Vessels”
17. “Transatlanticism”

Death Cab For Cutie is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.