Deftones Preview Their Anticipated New Album ‘Ohms’ With A Heavy ‘Genesis’ Video

In just one week, Deftones will release their anticipated new album Ohms, their first record in over four years. They’re offering another advance look in ahead of then, though, with a video for “Genesis.” The track begins with buzzing synths and atmospheric, post-rock-style guitars. From there, it bursts into a heavy alt-metal onslaught with alternately screamed and sung lyrics from Chino Moreno.

Moreno recently told Uproxx of the new album, “‘Heavy’ is kind of subjective, you know? The last thing I ever want to do is be quoted saying, ‘This is our heaviest record!’ The first thing that’s going to happen is some dude’s going to be like, ‘No way dude! This is…’ You know what I mean? It’s kind of subjective. But I do feel like it’s got a little more energy. I think that is attributed to everybody being engaged completely. Everybody firing on all cylinders. There’s not one of us individually that was sort of sitting back just going along. Everybody was very present physically and emotionally, ready to work and to put the work in.”

Watch the “Genesis” video above.

Ohms is out 9/25 via Warner Records. Get it here.

Deftones is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.