Dirty Projectors’ ‘Overlord’ Video Is A Tongue-In-Cheek Critique Of Surveillance

Less than two years after the release of their full-length effort Lamp Lit Prose, Dirty Projectors make their return with the feel-good single “Overlord.”

The song’s video, directed by the band’s Dave Longstreth, is a critique of surveillance that’s effectively unavoidable in big cities. Dirty Projectors’ Maia Friedman stars in the video as she cruises around various locations across New York City. Tourist destinations such as the newly minted Vessel are shown in the visual, which allows visitors to get an unobstructed view of the city from all angles.

The track itself boasts jangly guitar and the harmonization of various voices, which Dirty Projectors are known for. “Oh, overlord / Marshal my desires to your call and beck / Oh, it’s assured / Good outweighs bad as we approach perfection,” Friedman sings.

Ahead of releasing “Overlord,” the group underwent some internal changes. Longstreth and fellow member Amber Coffman had been dating for six years before deciding to call it quits. The two remained friends and continued to have a working relationship while Coffman was recording a solo album. However, even their friendship turned sour towards the end of the recording process, and much of her record was devoted to working through the breakup.

Watch the “Overlord” video above, and revisit our review of Lamp Lit Prose here.