Eerie Gaits Crafts A Reflective Serenity Through The Instrumental ‘Saw You Through The Trees’

Wild Pink frontperson John Ross picks up his guitar but packs his microphone away with his instrumental project Eerie Gaits. With the latest single “Saw You Through The Trees,” Ross expands on his catalog with a serene and percussive track.

Eerie Gaits’ debut project Bridge Music arrived in 2017 through the indie imprint Tiny Engines. After releasing an album with Wild Pink the following year, Ross is ready to once again focus on Eerie Gaits with the upcoming record Holopaw. “Saw You Through The Trees” arrives as the second dreamy single off the upcoming record. With slippery acoustic guitar, resounding synths, and gently crashing cymbals, Ross creates an infectious sense of calm.

When Uproxx’s Steven Hyden spoke with Ross in 2018 about his project Wild Pink, Hyden noted that the “singer-songwriter radiates unease whenever pressed about the meanings of his lyrics.” Ross added: “I’m pretty timid in my personal life, and also I like to keep more of the mystery about a song. It can resonate with more people, even if it is incredibly specific.” That could explain Ross’ pivot to crafting instrumental soundscapes rather than focusing too heavily on lyricism.

Listen to “Saw You Through The Trees” above.

Holopaw is out 04/10 via Sound As Language. Pre-order it here.