Two Iconic Elliott Smith Albums Have Been Re-Released With Extras To Celebrate His 50th Birthday

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Elliott Smith passed away in 2003, but if the legendary indie musician was still alive, he would have turned 50 years old today. Before he died, he released the two most commercially successful albums he put out in his lifetime: 1998’s XO and 2000’s Figure 8, his first and only two albums to chart on the Billboard 200 chart that were released while he was alive (and his only releases on Dreamworks). Now, in honor of his 50th birthday, those two albums have been re-released as digital deluxe editions, via UMG.

Notably, both albums have been expanded with a bunch of bonus tracks, some of which were not previously available digitally. Bonus tracks include alternate versions of songs, early versions, B-sides, and demos. There are also songs like “Miss Misery,” his Oscar-nominated song from Good Will Hunting, and his cover of The Beatles’ “Because,” which was featured in the movie American Beauty. Ultimately, these deluxe editions include all the material that Smith officially released on Dreamworks.

Check out the tracklists for the deluxe editions of XO and Figure 8, and stream both albums, below

XO tracklist

1. “Sweet Adeline”
2. “Tomorrow Tomorrow”
3. “Waltz #2 (XO)”
4. “Baby Britain”
5. “Pitseleh”
6. “Independence Day”
7. “Bled White”
8. “Waltz #1”
9. “Amity”
10. “Oh Well, OK”
11. “Bottle Up And Explode!”
12. “A Question Mark”
13. “Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands”
14. “I Didn’t Understand”

Bonus tracks

15. “Our Thing” *
16. “How To Take A Fall” *
17. “The Enemy Is You” *
18. “Some Song (Alternate Version)” *
19. “Waltz #1 (Demo)”
20. “Bottle Up And Explode (Early Version)” *
21. “Baby Britain (Remix)” *
22. “Waltz #2 (Radio Edit)*”
23. “Miss Misery”

Figure 8 tracklist

1. “Son Of Sam”
2. “Somebody That I Used To Know”
3. “Junk Bond Trader”
4. “Everything Reminds Me Of Her”
5. “Everything Means Nothing To Me”
6. “L.A. “”
7. “In The Lost And Found (Honky Bach)/The Roost”
8. “Stupidity Tries”
9. “Easy Way Out”
10. “Wouldn’t Mama Be Proud”
11. “Colorbars”
12. “Happiness/The Gondola Bar”
13. “Pretty Mary Kay”
14. “Better Be Quiet Bar”
15. “Can’t Make A Sound”
16. “Bye”

Bonus tracks

17. “Figure 8” *
18. “A Living Will” *
19. “Son Of Sam (Acoustic)”
20. “I Can’t Answer You Anymore” *
21. “Pretty Mary K (Alternate Version)” *
22. “Happiness (Acoustic)” *
23. “Because”

* making digital debut