Ellis’ Cascading Single ‘Hospital’ Heralds Her Upcoming ‘Nothing Is Sacred Anymore’ EP

It’s been just about a year since Ellis released her dreamy debut album Born Again as a reflection on her relationship with religion. But since the singer couldn’t play live shows following her 2020 release, Ellis once again began writing new material. Her songwriting has resulted in a covers project, as well as the forthcoming EP Nothing Is Sacred Anymore, which Ellis now previews with the cascading and tenderhearted track “Hospital.”

About the single, Ellis said it’s inspired by her accident-prone nature: “I guess you could say I’m accident prone. But it’s those moments when bad or scary things happen that can be so revealing. You really see who shows up for you, who sticks around through it all.”

Around the time of her debut album’s release, Ellis sat down with Uproxx for a conversation where she spoke about the intersection of music and spirituality:

“Something that was really powerful about a lot of the spiritual experiences I’ve had was music-related. I was actually just talking to a friend because I went to see Bon Iver very recently, and I felt this similar feeling inside that I felt in the past, maybe during a very moving or worship service or something. Maybe music is just inherently spiritual? Maybe that feeling can be attributed to that. I’ve written songs before that some of my friends were like, ‘this almost could be a worship song.’ Because, it gets in there. And I love the dynamics in Christian music, where it builds and swells and gets drawn out. I think things feel more emotional, too, so the music I prefer to make is very dynamic and full of feelings.”

Listen to “Hospital” above and check out Ellis’ Nothing Is Sacred Anymore cover art and tracklist below.


1. “Dopamine”
2. “Hospital”
3. “What If Love Isn’t Enough”
4. “Hell”

Nothing Is Sacred Anymore is out 6/25. Pre-order it here.