Ellis’ Glossy Track ‘What If Love Isn’t Enough’ Questions Her Views On Romance

Ellis first cemented herself as a songwriter who pens lush bedroom pop songs that dissect big questions on her debut album. Titled Born Again, the effort focused on the intersection of music and spirituality. While it’s been just over a year since her debut full-length release, Ellis is gearing up for another project which she further previews with the gossamer single “What If Love Isn’t Enough.”

Over comfortingly warm guitar chords, the song questions Ellis’ views on romance. Her honeyed vocals melt over the dreamy instrumentals, lilting lyrics about second-guessing herself in the face of love. The track offers another preview of her upcoming EP Nothing Is Sacred Anymore, which she first announced last month with the shimmering track “Hospital.”

In a statement about the song’s meaning, Ellis says the song title is a nod to a question she tends to ask herself:

“I mean, this is a question I’ve asked myself a bunch, usually when I’m being a little bit dramatic which happens to be often. But I’ve also seen relationships fizzle out even when two people seem to really love each other. We place so much emphasis on love but I guess I just wonder about all the other stuff needed to make it last forever. I’m a hopeless romantic at heart but sometimes I’m just hopeless.”

Listen to Ellis’ “What If Love Isn’t Enough” above.

Nothing Is Sacred Anymore is out 6/25. Pre-order it here.