Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig Sings In An Absurd New ‘I Think You Should Leave’ Sketch

Today is a big day in the sketch comedy world, as a new season of the beloved Tim Robinson series I Think You Should Leave premiered today on Netflix. Vampire Weekend fans were quick to notice that Ezra Koenig actually makes an appearance in the new season, via some vocals in a new song.

Not to give away too much about the sketch in question (which begins at about 10:30 into the second episode of the new season, titled “They have a cake shop there Susan where the cakes just look stunning”), but it starts with Robinson’s character holding a baby at a party. From there, the situation escalates in the absurd way things tend to on the show. The segment wraps up with a song sung by Koenig, which starts at about 14:30 into the episode. His vocals are Auto-Tuned as his track scores scenes of a wild night out and then continues into the episode’s credits.

While there doesn’t appear to be any standalone clips of the song or sketch available online, a Reddit user shared the audio of the song. Koenig’s name is not mentioned in the episode’s credits, but he acknowledged his inclusion by posting a couple of screenshots from the sketch on his Instagram Story.

Check out the second season of I Think You Should Leave here.