FKA Twigs Laughs Off A ‘Leaked’ Tracklist For Her Next Project And Calls It ‘Wrong’

Between FKA Twigs’ The Weeknd collab “Tears In The Club” and talk of a new mixtape, it appears fans can look forward to more new music from her in the near future. While there is some apparently leaked info floating around about Twigs’ next project, she has now addressed it herself.

A Twitter user posted a screenshot of a Genius page for a supposed Twigs project called Capri Sun, which has been rumored to be the title, that’s set for release on January 14, 2022. The partial tracklist includes “Tears In The Club,” as well as tunes called “Maji Claire,” “Darjeeling,” “Don’t Do It Again,” and “Vice.”

Another user shared that tweet and wrote, “.@FKAtwigs im starting to get pissed off, can you announce it please????” Twigs responded, “this is bare wrong lol, nice try doe.”

Regardless, Twigs did previously suggest that a new album would be arriving at around this point in time. In September, she told fans on Discord that when it comes to her next project (which will be a mixtape), she was “thinking about a capri season take over,” presumably meaning Capricorn season, so between or around December 22, 2021 and January 19, 2022.

She also noted of the project, “It’s really deep emotional and honest but hopefully more golden tears than blue i channelled my melancholy differently this time and it was so amazing. […] i made my next project thinking about all of u and my friends it’s for getting ready and going out to and being with people who make u feel good, turnt litty bronzer in the sink shimmer on the bathroom floor.”