Fleet Foxes’ ‘A Very Lonely Solstice’ Is The Band’s First Livestream Since The Release Of ‘Shore’

At the exact moment of the autumn equinox, Fleet Foxes surprise-released their well-received album Shore. The group has not performed a single livestream since their album’s September release, but that’s about the change. Fleet Foxes’ Robin Pecknold announced a solo performance of the album on the upcoming winter solstice.

Pecknold will bring his soulful music to the St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church in Brooklyn, New York for the performance. While the majority of the performance will be Pecknold alone, the singer will also be joined by Resistance Revival Chorus, a collective of more than 60 women and non-binary singers, for one song.

Ahead of the livestream’s announcement, Pecknold announced he would be dropping the stems to his Shore album on Bandcamp for fans to remix. Announcing the project in a statement, the singer commented:

“VERY excited to release all of the stems for Shore this Friday on Bandcamp. This is eleven hours of all of the album’s isolated tracks, solo’d drums, vocals, horns, bass, guitars – every individual piece of every song untangled and laid bare. These aren’t royalty free, but any and all remixing / sampling / twisting / creative reuse and reimagining for your personal, non-commercial use is highly encouraged. And if you want to sample for commercial release, just get in touch.”

A Very Lonely Solstice livestream kicks off 12/21 at 9 p.m. EST. Get tickets here.

Shore is out now via Anti. Get it here.