Robin Pecknold Takes On Fleet Foxes Songs Acoustic And Solo For A New Tiny Desk Concert

While Fleet Foxes is of course a band whose members all contribute to the group’s creative output, Robin Pecknold is the most recognizable figure of the group and he’s been at the forefront of promotion for their latest album, last year’s Shore. The first livestream performance they gave since releasing the album was just Pecknold performing alone at St. Ann & The Holy Trinity Church in Brooklyn, New York. The band later shared his rendition of “I’m Not My Season” from that performance as a standalone video.

Now the band has taken their turn participating in NPR’s at-home Tiny Desk Concert series, and once again, it’s just Pecknold (probably because the pandemic makes it easier for just one person to perform instead of a whole band). Armed with an acoustic guitar and sitting behind an appropriately minuscule desk, Pecknold performed “Going-To-The-Sun-Road,” “Sunblind,” “Featherweight,” and “I’m Not My Season.”

Pecknold previously compared the new album to the band’s previous one, telling Uproxx, “Crack-Up was a super personal album. I had a really specific idea of what I wanted it to be, and the songs were from a pretty specific emotional time. On this record, I wanted the first line I sang to be for someone else, like ‘For Richard Swift.’”

Watch Pecknold’s Tiny Desk performance above.