Fontaines DC Shares ‘I Don’t Belong’ As A Droning Anthem For Independence

Dublin post-punk rockers Fontaines DC released their well-received debut record in 2019. Now, the band is already setting their sights on the future. Fontaines D.C. shared “I Don’t Belong,” the second single off their forthcoming album A Hero’s Death.

“I Don’t Belong” hones the band’s sound while staying true to their post-punk roots with droning guitars and cerebral lyrics. Fontaines DC vocalist Grian Chatten insouciantly delivers each lyric over nodding percussion. “I heard him serving as a soldier / In the attics of the earth / Threw himself before a bullet / Threw the medal in the dirt, it’s a man’s worth,” Chatten sings.

Upon announcing A Hero’s Death and sharing the eponymous lead single, the group reflected on their time as a band since releasing their debut album in 2019. “It feels like time hasn’t ticked since we announced our first record just over a year ago,” they said. “We wrote these songs during the 12 months after finishing Dogrel as a necessary reaction to assure ourselves we will always be the band we set out to be. A Sincere thank you to everyone who has supported ur music since and before then.”

Listen to “I Don’t Belong” above.

A Hero’s Death is out 7/31 via Partisan Records. Pre-order it here.