Foo Fighters Hallucinate In The Desert In Their New Animated Video For ‘Chasing Birds’

Today is April 20, a day of altered mental states around the world as folks celebrate 4/20 and perhaps engage in some recreational weed usage. That takes today the perfect day for Foo Fighters to release their trippy new visual for Medicine At Midnight standout “Chasing Birds.”

The song, which itself is the closest to trippy Foo Fighters get on their new album, is accompanied by a psychedelic, 3D-animated visual. The clip begins with Dave Grohl waking up in a hot desert, birds circling him overhead. He then finds that his perception is a bit off as he looks at his hand and notices it no longer has a definite shape. The singing cactus was probably a giveaway as well. From there, things proceed in a predictably unpredictable fashion as things only get more and more strange.

Grohl and Foo Fighters have been unstoppable lately. Just this month, Grohl has announced a new autobiography titled The Storyteller, teased a new documentary called What Drives Us, collaborated with Mick Jagger on the song “Eazy Sleazy,” and shared a teaser for the show he and his mother made together, From Cradle To Stage, which is based on her book of the same name.

Watch the “Chasing Birds” video above.