Foo Fighters Say ‘F*ck You’ To 2020 With A New Single, ‘No Son Of Mine’

Foo Fighters have a new album, Medicine At Midnight, on the way, which they have revealed previously has been done for a while now. The pandemic forced them to do some waiting, but now that’s it’s 2020, Dave Grohl and company are done being patient. To kick off the new year, the band has shared a new single, an aggressive rocker called “No Son Of Mine.”

Grohl shared a note about the song and the band overall to fans, noting that they got tired of waiting to release the music they made:

“Dear everyone —

It was almost exactly a year ago that we finished recording out ‘new’ record Medicine At Midnight, with a massive world tour planned that would have taken us around the globe celebrating our 25th anniversary as a band. But, well…. you know……

So we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Until we finally realized that our music is made to be heard, whether it’s in a festival field with 50,000 of our closest friends, or alone in your living room on a Saturday night with a stiff cocktail.

So, the wait is over.

As we say goodbye (f*ck you) to 2020, and flip the calendar page to 2021, let’s ring in the new year with a new rocker, ‘No Son Of Mine’

Pour a drink, turn it up, close your eyes and imagine that festival field blowing up to this.

Because it f*cking will.

Happy New Year x


Listen to “No Son Of Mine” above.