Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins Compares Releasing ‘Medicine At Midnight’ To ‘Taking A Big Huge Sh*t’

Back in February of 2020, Dave Grohl reported that Foo Fighters had finished making a new album, which has now turned out to be the just-released Medicine At Midnight. So, the band has been holding on to this one for a long time, and Taylor Hawkins compares the relief of this album release to another kind of drop.

Hawkins is the subject of a new Metro profile, and in the piece, he was asked how it feels to finally release the album. He gave a candid response, saying with a laugh, “Like taking a big huge sh*t. My stomach’s been hurting for a long time. Finally! A collective sigh of relief. We’ve finally got over our constipation.’

Elsewhere during the piece, he admitted that he was grateful the pandemic gave him some time to really relax for the first time in years:

“It’s been a nice time to kind of get off the treadmill, on a certain level. I’m not saying that sounds unsympathetic because I know the world’s in a lot of trouble, it’s terrible, I know this. I’m just so fortunate and I feel fortunate the time this has given me. I haven’t really got off the treadmill in 28 years. You never really get a chance to look; you get little moments of, ‘Oh, my life’s amazing,’ but you’re usually onto the next record, or gig, or side project. You’re constantly go go go, and when you’re not, you get to reflect, if you’re lucky, which… I’m lucky. I just want this place to heal and people to go be human beings again. We’ve been getting together a lot more, safely, and testing so it feels like… the only difference is we rehearse and do TV shows, so we’ve managed to somehow, in some strange way, be a band still.”

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