The Foo Fighters Had A Cameo On ‘The Morning Show’ — And Apparently Jennifer Aniston Is A Super Fan

The Foo Fighters have been one of the most beloved American bands for a while now, but sometimes a new celebrity fan of the band emerges that might surprise even their long time listeners! For instance, did you know that Jennifer Aniston self-describes as a “super fan” of Dave Grohl and co. ?? Because I had no clue, and that little tidbit might just make my weekend. Yes, apparently Rachel from Friends was blasting “Everlong” this whole time and none of us realized it.

Anyway, it’s not actually Rachel who gets to have a little on-screen time with the band, but Aniston’s character on The Morning Show, Alex Levy (who is supposed to be based on Katie Couric, by the way). According to an Instagram that Aniston posted earlier today, the band “paid The Morning Show a visit,” and since we can see a shot of Jennifer and Dave looking at scripts together, had at least a few lines of dialogue along with a possible live performance.

If that isn’t impetus enough to fire up your Apple TV+ subscription and check this show out once and for all, then I don’t know what is! As a lifelong Legally Blonde fan and an In Your Honor acolyte, I think it’s my duty to get caught up so I’m ready for the Foo cameo when it drops.