Gal Gadot’s Viral ‘Imagine’ Video Gets A Blink-182 Parody From The Indie-Rock Community

Gal Gadot surely had good intentions when she asked some of her famous friends to sing John Lennon’s “Imagine” with her. The video went viral for all the wrong reasons, though, thanks in part to some parodies that surfaced in the following days. Now the indie-rock community has chimed in with their own razzing of the clip, and the star-studded video is hilarious.

Eric Slick, Dr. Dog’s drummer who also performs solo, has connections in the indie world, so he rounded up some familiar faces to contribute to a clip-compiling rendition of Blink-182’s “I Miss You.” First, he announced the video: “i am about to drop an extremely dumb video. apologies in advance.” Then he shared the clip, and singing parts of Tom DeLonge’s iconic verse and the chorus are, among others, Kevin Morby, Whitney, Ryley Walker, Fleet Foxes’ Robin Pecknold, Danny Brown, Natalie Prass, Lucius, and Caroline Rose.

Meanwhile, John Mayer also offered his own spin on the “Imagine” video. He claimed (jokingly, presumably) that he was asked to be in the original clip, but due to a mix-up, he was not included. The reason? He sang Ariana Grande’s “Imagine” instead of the John Lennon song that everybody else did.

Watch the video above.