Garth Brooks’ Inauguration Look Came Thanks In Part To Lady Gaga’s Stylists

A couple days ago, Garth Brooks continued his tradition of performing at presidential inaugurations by singing “Amazing Grace” during Joe Biden’s ceremony. That’s the kind of moment you want to look your best for, and Brooks apparently got some assists from Lady Gaga’s makeup artist Sarah Tanno and hairstylist Frederic Aspiras.

After the ceremony, Brooks took to Twitter to compliment Gaga and thank Tanno and Aspiras for seemingly helping him in his hour of need. Brooks wrote, “. @ladygaga, You were fabulous today and everyday. A national treasure. Please tell Frederick and Miss Sarah thank you for me! They saved a cowboy today. Oh, and tell Miss Sarah to hug her momma for me! love, g.”

None of the folks Brooks thanked have responded publicly yet, nor do we know what Tanno and Aspiras did for Brooks, but the two of them did offer some insight about Gaga’s look on Inauguration Day. Tanno took to Instagram to write of Gaga’s make-up, “Our creative process at Haus of Gaga is something we take incredibly seriously… considering every detail, each of us contribute to the whole. It is a sacred process and one that we all honor and celebrate. Here, we are making sure that we choose the perfect shade of red lipstick to compliment @ladygaga’s dress. Lined just right to contrast the bright red hue of the lip. We also made sure that the eye was balanced so the lip could take center stage. This is prior to @frecericaspiras adding the ribbon to her braids. Every detail counts. This look is timeless, romantic and vibrant just like our muse #ladygaga.”

Aspiras also explained Gaga’s hair, writing, “This Halo Braided Updo was inspired by classic beauty that is timeless, heavenly & oh so GAGA. Creating a romantic feel with a sense of pride and hope for this very special Inauguration event. Thank you @ladygaga for this opportunity to give someone like me, a son of an immigrant, the chance to change the course of other children of immigrants. There is light at the end of the tunnel. It’s not always on but if you try hard enough to look for it you will find it! My mom would’ve been so proud! I know she’s looking down from heaven with so much pride.”