Glaive Drops An Emotional Video For His ‘All Dogs Go To Heaven’ Title Track

Teen indie phenom Glaive is fresh off the release of his new EP, All Dogs Go To Heaven. Now, he has shared a new video for the title track (which is technically titled “All Dogs Go To Heaven (Outro).”) While a lot of Glaive songs are characterized by their extremely high energy levels, this one is more of a relatively slow-burning ballad.

Ahead of the video, Glaive shared a message of gratitude for his fans, saying, “i’m quite tired rn but thank you guys sm for the support on all dogs go to heaven so far, i put a lot of effort into the project and i’m super happy with how it came out! some more super cool stuff happening in the next week or so :).”

In another recent tweet, Glaive described the process of writing his All Dogs Go To Heaven songs, saying, “i wrote everything myself so i kind of just put down some ideas in the notes app of my phone and then turned them into full songs and then inspiration wise i was just trying to make music i liked i didn’t want it to sound like anyone else’s music.”

Check out the “All Dogs Go To Heaven” video above.