Gorillaz Are Dropping A Collectible Vinyl Toy ‘Geep’ To Celebrate 20 Years Of The Band

The Gorillaz have been beloved for decades because of how meticulous they are when it comes to releasing new music and honoring their past work. Today they’ve announced a collaboration with Superplastic to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band with a limited-edition collectible vinyl toy called “Geep.” The toy is the green dune buggy that’s driven by Gorillaz member Noodle. The Geep comes equipped with working LED lights and a removable guitar. To give a sense of sizing, the toy is 10-inches long and 4-inches tall and will retail for $120.

Geep is not the first time Superplastic and Gorillaz have collaborated on merch. In 2019, they released a soft vinyl of Gorillaz lead singer 2D, along with a full band vinyl toy set featuring band members 2D, Murdoc, Noodle, and Russell in 2020. Of the Geep collaboration, Noodle had this to say: “The Geep, our most loyal companion. We hope it will bring joy to all the homes it parks up in around the world.”

“It’s been my dream to ride shotgun with Noodle in the Geep…on mushrooms. As real as I want that moment to be, we all know that this shit isn’t happening. So, we decided to make a super limited, dope, amazing toy instead. It’s been killer bringing Gorillaz to life through designer toys over almost two decades, and I can’t wait for fans to get the Geep!” added Superplastic founder Paul Budnitz.

Check out some other images of the Geep below and pick up the collectible here.