Grimes Comments On Elon Musk’s ‘Time’ Person Of The Year Cover With A Note About His Hair

Being named Time‘s Person Of The Year is a prestigious honor, and the person who claimed the title for 2021 is Elon Musk, as was confirmed yesterday. People had a lot to say about that, and now Grimes, who has been “semi-separated” from Musk since September, has weighed in.

Last night, Grimes shared Time‘s tweet announcing the news and wrote, “And he cut his own hair for this pic too – icon [sword emojis].”

It’s not entirely clear if Grimes was actually complimenting Musk’s look or if she was throwing shade (like some think she did on her recent single “Player Of Games“). A scenario that seems likely, though, is that Grimes is playfully referencing the backlash Musk’s new haircut received when the internet first spotted it earlier this month. Desus and Mero took their shots at the ‘do, too, with Desus joking, “He spent all his Dogecoin on one toupee.”

All in all, it doesn’t seem that Grimes and Musk have been on bad terms since their semi-separation began. For example, Musk could be heard in the background of a Grimes TikTok video from shortly after the split. Also, some have noted that Grimes and X AE A-XII popped up during Musk’s appearance on the December 13 episode of the Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History: Addendum podcast, during which they all seemed to be happy and getting along.