Haim Reflect On Isolation With Their Latest Single, ‘I Know Alone’

Haim is in the midst of rolling out their new album, and today, they’ve shared “I Know Alone.” The video for the track (which was “directed remotely by Jake Schreier” and “choreographed remotely by Francis And The Lights & Haim”) sees the three sisters dancing along to the song on a faded outdoor basketball court.

As the group noted in a social media post ahead of the track, the song is thematically appropriate given the state of the world, and has gained new meaning during these quarantining times, even though it was penned before them:

“‘I know alone’ comes out tomorrow. it was always going to be the next song we wanted to show u guys from wimpiii, but it has kind of taken on a new meaning. the first lyric we wrote was ‘i know alone like no one else does’. this came from feeling like I was in the deepest spiral of being alone and feeling like i felt loneliness deeper than anyone ever had . i remember there were a lot of solo drives with a couple diet cokes in the passengers seat, going for hours at night to clear my head. Now with everything going on ‘alone’ feels like a ritual. only I know my own little secret routine on these days of being by myself and I almost take comfort in it. It’s my own way of staying sane in my alone-ness and it’s really helping me get through this. I hope all this makes sense- trying to describe a song is always a little daunting for me – but I always want to let u guys know where I’m coming from.”

The group previously delayed the release of their upcoming album, but now they’ve made a U-turn on that: They spoke with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe about Women In Music Pt. III, saying that the album will actually be out in June: “Things were changing so quickly that when we were supposed to put out our record, it just didn’t feel like an appropriate time to do so. So, we ended up moving our release date to later this summer. And now that it feels like we’ve settled into this weird quarantine new normal life, we really just want to put it out and we’re going to give you Women In Music Pt. III on June 26th.”

Watch the “I Know Alone” video above.

Women In Music Pt. III is out 6/26 via Columbia Records. Pre-order it here.