Hayley Williams ‘Leaked’ A New Song By Sneakily Hand-Delivering A CD To A Fan At Night

With so many people finding so many ways to put out new music, it’s harder and harder to be original these days when it comes to release strategies. Hayley Williams managed to do something different last night, though: By cover of night, she stealthily hand-delivered a CD to a fan and gave them her consent to leak the song on it.

Williams chronicled the stunt in a video, in which she drove up to the home of superfan Carly Butler, dropped a CD containing the song “My Limb” into her mailbox (along with a candle), and honking as she drove off.

Butler later tweeted, “did hayley williams drive to your house and drop off a candle and a cd with her new song on it or are you having a normal night.” Since Butler had permission to leak the track, she did just that, and as of this post, the song is only available online as a YouTube video.

It’s possible the song is a taste of a new album, and if Williams were to drop a new effort this year, it would be a quick turnaround for her: Her latest album, Petals For Armor, was just released in May 2020.

Listen to “My Limb” above.

Hayley Williams is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.