Hayley Williams Hints That Paramore’s Return Could Occur Next Year

It’s been nearly four and a half years since Paramore dropped an album, namely 2017’s After Laughter, which gave the band their third top-10 album as well as a Gold certification. Since then, the band has been fairly quiet, at least as a unit. Meanwhile, lead vocalist Hayley Williams launched her solo career with two albums: 2020’s Petals For Armor and 2021’s Flowers For Vases/Descansos. At long last, after a number of hints, it seems like Paramore is finally gearing up to drop a new album, as Williams recently revealed.

Hayley Williams message Paramore 2022
Screenshot from NME

“Before I go, thank y’all so much for the incredible support these last couple years,” she wrote in a newsletter according to NME. “I know we didn’t get to properly come together to sing and vent and sweat it all out…but I do think that Petals and descansos lived exactly the lives they were meant to.” She added, “Besides, Paramore can’t be ‘on a break’ forever now can we? I love y’all. See you sometime next year?”

Williams also thanked her bandmates for the support they gave her as she crafted her two solo albums. “In the thick of it all, I wrote. Enough to make up 2 solo albums,” she wrote. “The kind of albums I swore I’d never make! Because how dare anyone, most of all me, think for a second that my loyalty to Paramore had dwindled.” She added, “The guys were by my side nearly the entire process. If not actually working on the project with me then cheering me on. I even got to write with a few friends outside of – but very much connected to – Paramore, who taught me so much and gave me so much to be inspired by.”

Williams concluded her message with a shoutout to a close collaborator. “Petals would likely not even exist if not for Joey Howard, his bass guitar, and a drum machine!!” she wrote.