Helado Negro Explores The Complexity Of Budding Relationships With Soothing Single ‘I Fell In Love’

Helado Negro has essentially released an album every year since 2017. Last year’s This Is How You Smile arrived as a strong addition to the band’s expansive catalog and received an honorable mention in The 2019 Uproxx Music Critics Poll. Now, the group fronted by Roberto Carlos Lange is gearing up for more music in 2020. The band released the pacifying track “I Fell In Love” as the first new track since their previous record.

Featuring harmonies by Xenia Rubinos, the song uses rhythm and sound as a medium to explore the euphoric and comforting feeling of first falling in love. Lange’s musings are partially drowned out by a grumbling percussion that colors the background of the track, mimicking the palpitation of a fluttering heartbeat.

In a statement, Lange detailed his inspiration behind the single. “It’s a song about love! It’s about all the ways we feel and the complicated things we do to try to understand this feeling,” Lange said. “‘Spaceship shaped words fly through your world unheard’ is a lyric that describes how alien the feeling can be and how hard we make it to be known. It’s not simple – it’s too complex to ever say ‘love is like this.’ Movies and songs always get it wrong. Maybe we are wrong too but I know the love I have.”

Listen to “I Fell In Love” above.