Jason Momoa Lived A Rock And Roll Fantasy With Slash And Les Claypool

Aside from acting, Jason Momoa has also been known to slap some bass. He celebrated his 41st birthday in August, and to mark the occasion, Fender sent him a custom Fender Precision Bass. Now he’s living out the dream of any bass player who is serious about their craft: Momoa recently spent some time with Primus leader Les Claypool, who is commonly regarded as one of the best bassists to ever play the instrument.

Over the weekend, Momoa shared a gallery of photos and videos of himself hanging out with Claypool, writing, “I AM MADLY IN LOVE WITH THIS OHANA. mahalo nui loa for taking us in and sharing your home. truly been the most amazing week so many beautiful things to come creating some amazing works of art with friends can’t wait to share our stories. #ontheroam. aloha j.” In the photos and clips, the pair was fishing, going on nature walks, and of course, playing some music.

Momoa had a big rock and roll weekend even beyond the Claypool hang. He also posted photos of himself with legendary guitarist Slash, revealing that he interviewed Slash for Gibson, and that he was nervous to do it: “my first interview. f*ck i was nervous but it was so epic and chill hanging with this legend SLASH AND ME when it’s hand crafted and made in the USA i’m in. i’m so proud to support Gibson they stepped it up with their tribute to #ambassador Slash @slash and I got to talk to him about his core collection.”

Check out the photos and videos above and below.