Jay Som Goes On A Supernatural Ride In Her Video For The Breezy ‘Nighttime Drive’

Jay Som’s (real name Melina Duterte) highly anticipated sophomore album Anak Ko comes out later this month, but ahead of that, she has shared another preview of the album, a new song called “Nighttime Drive.”

The breezy, chilled out track comes with a video, directed by Han Hale, who describes it as “an homage to the song’s namesake; the song is about being a band on the road and the camaraderie involved.” Unsurprisingly, the video features Duterte and her band on a nighttime drive, but things get strange when they come across some extraterrestrial activity.

Duterte previously said about how recent life changes have influenced Anak Ko, “In order to change, you’ve got to make so many mistakes. What’s helped me is forcing myself to be even more peaceful and kind with myself and others. You can get so caught up in attention, and the monetary value of being a musician, that you can forget to be humble. You can learn more from humility than the flashy stuff. I want kindness in my life. Kindness is the most important thing for this job, and empathy.”

Watch the video for “Nighttime Drive” above.

Anak Ko is out 8/23 via Polyvinyl. Pre-order it here.