Jean Dawson Lets Fans Into His World With The Creative New Documentary ‘Burnout’

Jean Dawson found himself on many people’s radars last year thanks to his eclectic and well-received sophomore album Pixel Bath, which features everything from hip-hop to punk music. He’s a relatively new face to a lot music listeners, meaning there’s still a lot about him we don’t know.

Now, Dawson has filled in some of those gaps with his new short documentary, Burnout. In the 7-minute video, Dawson incorporates a lot of creative visual elements and talks about his past, being “anti,” getting happier as he gets older, and more.

In a recent interview with Uproxx, Travis Barker cited Dawson as one of his key musical discoveries of 2020, saying, “That record is amazing, and he’s still kind of slept on. Not that many people know about him, and hopefully you and I talking about him helps get his name out there even more. He made an incredible album. […] He’s someone that’s really taking genres and throwing them all together and doing something different, in a time where so many people determine what their sound is gonna be like by whatever’s popular on the radio. And then you have a fresh breath of air like Jean Dawson. Like, thank God, you know?”

Watch the Burnout documentary above.