Jean Dawson Returns With A Striking Collection Of Merchandise Through His ‘Turbo Radio’ Line

Jean Dawson’s creative palette is filled with many different colors that’s helped form his eclectic style. Much of this is rooted thanks to a childhood spent growing up in Tijuana Mexico and commuting five hours across the border to attend school in the US every day. The multitude of genres that he’s stumbled upon helped fuel his second album, Pixel Bath, which he released last year.

These same creative juices are at the base of his latest clothing release, which arrives through his Turbo Radio line. The varying collection includes face masks, shirts, sweats, crewnecks, and sweaters that were all designed by Dawson himself.

The new drop also comes with a limited 3D vinyl of his Pixel Bath album, which comes less than two months after Dawson premiered his Burnout documentary, a creative experience that introduced fans into his world. In it, he discussed his past, being “anti,” getting happier with age, and more.

The documentary dropped after Travis Barker praised him and Pixel Bath during a recent interview with Uproxx. “That record is amazing, and he’s still kind of slept on,” he said. “Not that many people know about him, and hopefully you and I talking about him helps get his name out there even more.”

To take a look at the full collection and purchase some for yourself, click here.