Jeff Rosenstock Comes Out Of Nowhere To Surprise-Release A New Album, ‘No Dream’

On the first day of 2018, Jeff Rosenstock dropped a new album, Post-, without any forewarning. For his follow-up, he decided to do the same thing: Today, Rosenstock has surprise-released a new album, No Dream. Not no surprisingly, it’s a raucous, guitar-driven affair, so Rosenstock fans ought to be pleased with today’s new drop.

Rosenstock says of the album:

“It was feeling like a very personal record for me. A lot of it was stemming from the anxiety I was feeling from the last two years, this existential crisis of wondering who I am. I didn’t expect to be doing well, in my life, ever. […]

I got so used to putting out records that only a few people in the punk underground liked, and a lot of people in the punk underground also didn’t like them, either. […] I was trying to not be afraid of using phrases that weren’t immediately clear to me, aside from how they sounded and felt, then allowing them to reveal themselves over time. […]

I thought I had just made a record for no one. What’s the point of feeling this way? Does it help to vocalize it?”

The album is available on streaming services now, but it is also available to download for free. There are paid downloads available, and ten percent of proceeds from purchases will go to Food Not Bombs.

Stream No Dream above.

No Dream is out now via Polyvinyl. Get it here.