Jeff Tweedy Offers A Tender Cover Of The ‘Ted Lasso’ Theme Song For The Second Season’s Soundtrack Album

Ted Lasso is in the home stretch of its second season, as we’re just a few episodes away from the Apple TV+ series’ season finale in October. Ahead of that, though, the score/soundtrack for the season has been shared. It’s mostly compositions from the show’s composers, Marcus Mumford (of Mumford & Sons) and Tom Howe, but kicking off the album is a new version of the theme song, as performed by Jeff Tweedy.

Unsurprisingly given the tone of his recent output, the Wilco leader takes a more reserved approach on his rendition, utilizing hushed vocals and finger-picked guitar for an intimate version of the track.

The soundtrack is only available on Apple Music at the moment. The first season’s soundtrack album found its way to other streaming platforms, though, so perhaps there’s a window of Apple Music exclusivity before the album is made more widely available.

The past few months have been great for fans of the ultra-specific niche of TV-related Jeff Tweedy songs: The Awesome Album, an album released by the fictitious (although not really anymore, I suppose) Parks And Recreation band Mouse Rat, features a couple songs from Tweedy, who made cameos in the show as local Pawnee music hero Scott Tanner.

Stream Tweedy’s cover and the rest of the new Ted Lasso soundtrack above.