Jenny Lewis Is Surprised She’s Opening For Harry Styles Because They Have Never Spoken

Harry Styles‘ sophomore album Fine Line has caused quite a stir. Not only did the record appease his large fan base with new music, but it also created new, unlikely Styles stans. The former One Direction superstar will embark on a worldwide tour in April to support the record, and he’s chosen an unexpected candidate to open for him: Jenny Lewis will join Styles on his Fine Line tour, and she was just as surprised as everyone else.

Sure, Styles has performed with the likes of Stevie Nicks, Leon Bridges, and Warpaint, but it’s not every day that an indie-rock veteran teams up with an international pop star on tour. Lewis says she’s honored and excited for the opportunity, but a little taken aback to be chosen because she’s never spoken to the singer and didn’t think Styles even knew who she was.

In a recent talk with Rolling Stone, Lewis says she’s looking forward to the tour. “I’m so excited about it,” Lewis said. “I feel there’s so much wonderful good will toward Harry, and I’m super thrilled he asked me to join him. 2020, man.” But even with her excitement, Lewis is a bit incredulous as to how she landed the gig. “We don’t know each other — I’ve never met him,” Lewis said. “I think he really likes On The Line.” But she’s not completely sure Styles has listened to her latest record. “I have no idea!” she said. “…But I guess I’ll find out.”

Forming the band Rilo Kiley in 1998 and later pivoting to become a solo artist, Lewis has had a long and compelling career in music. It’s not hard to imagine why Styles, who was heavily influenced by ’70s music on his latest record, would be drawn to Lewis’ musical stylings.

Lewis has had experience opening for large crowds of adoring fans — after all, she’s opened for Pavement. But a Harry Styles concert is a whole different ballpark. “It’s an amazing opportunity,” she says. “I keep thinking of the thousands of little girls and young men and parents of those kids, and just being in a room with people hearing my songs I’ve been writing for so long. What an incredible opportunity. It’s cool opening for Pavement, which I’ve done, but that’s a whole other scene.”

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