Jenny Lewis And Serengeti Share A DIY Video For Their Latest Collaboration, ‘Idiot’

Over the past few months, Jenny Lewis and Chicago rapper Serengeti (real name David Cohn) have worked closely together after striking up a friendship in 2018. They’ve released a few tracks so far, beginning with “Unblu” in December, which was followed by “Vroom Vroom” in January. Now they have a third track, “Idiot,” along with a DIY video, which mostly features edited clips of Lewis dancing and posing in a bathing suit.

Lewis and Serengeti previously explained how they came to be collaborative partners, writing, “Jenny met Dave down a long hallway in a former Communist Media Center in East Berlin during the People Festival of 2018. Dave asked Jenny to sing on a song about Tom Selleck passing on the part of Indiana Jones. […] A fast friendship was born as they skulked about, cracking jokes and chatting about their mutual love for boxing. […] Then the world shut down and Jenny & Dave hunkered down in Los Angeles & Chicago, respectively. Jenny smoked weed every day and Dave stayed totally sober. The result is five songs made on Jenny’s iPhone, for Dave. Beats, bass, drums, digital tanpura & topline, sent via text, ripe for Dave’s poetry. To accompany the music, Jenny made videos on her phone during the witching hours, editing while under the covers.”

Watch the “Idiot” video above.

Jenny Lewis is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.