Jenny Lewis And Serengeti Find Serenity In Their Bouncing Single ‘Vroom Vroom’

Jenny Lewis was supposed to embark on a massive US tour supporting Harry Styles in 2020. But after the pandemic shook her plans, she hunkered down at home. While she was in lockdown, Lewis and Chicago rapper Serengeti began working on a new project together. The duo shared the resulting EP’s first track “Unblu” last December and have now follow-up with another bouncing track.

Lewis and Serengeti shared the alluring single “Vroom Vroom” Wednesday. The accompanying visual, directed and edited by Lewis herself, is stitched together with a handful of silly selfie videos taken on both of their phones and includes a cute cameo by one of Lewis’ furry friends.

Alongside their previous single, Lewis and Serengeti shared a note about how they first started making music together:

“Jenny met Dave down a long hallway in a former Communist Media Center in East Berlin during the People Festival of 2018. Dave asked Jenny to sing on a song about Tom Selleck passing on the part of Indiana Jones. Can you imagine a world where Tom Selleck is Indiana Jones?

A fast friendship was born as they skulked about, cracking jokes and chatting about their mutual love for boxing.

Jenny threw a show for Dave at Dino’s in East Nashville when they returned from Europe. The bartenders said it was the best show they ever had. Jenny was among the 9 fans that attended and danced their asses off.

To cap the torrid evening, Dave said ‘J, I need 7 tracks! Just piano or guitar or whatever!’ Jenny inquired if one would do?

Then the world shut down and Jenny & Dave hunkered down in Los Angeles & Chicago, respectively. Jenny smoked weed every day and Dave stayed totally sober.

The result is five songs made on Jenny’s iPhone, for Dave. Beats, bass, drums, digital tanpura & topline, sent via text, ripe for Dave’s poetry. To accompany the music, Jenny made videos on her phone during the witching hours, editing while under the covers.”

Watch Jenny Lewis and Serengeti’s “Vroom Vroom” video above.

Jenny Lewis is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.